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WEnd Consulting:

With over 100+ years of industry experience, we help clients in 4 majors areas. Project Managment and Support, Technology Selection, Outsourced Services, and Development work for New Locations or Divesting of Assets.

Areas of Expertise:

One of the best parts of the petroleum industry is the problems and projects are almost always the same, but marketers just don’t have the time or resources to solve them. We heard loud and clear what we can do for these marketers, and we wanted to give you the chance to have us help you solve these. 

Project Management and Support

  • Project management on software, daily operations, and retraining of valuable resources
  • Technology support with software
  • Implementation of new process, software, and business operations
  • Business Health Checks on current utilization of software and business operations to best maximize people, process, and tools

Technology Selection

Businesses have goals they have to meet. Businesses also have a tendency to go stale and fall into the “This is how we have always do it” rut. This is common in business and stems a lot from the technology that has underperformed for years.

We are experts in bringing years of experience working with clients from coast to coast to evaluate every aspect of your business. We run through a top-down approach focusing on the People + Process + Technology to deliver a road map on the moving to software that will meet the needs of the business and complete daily/weekly/monthly goals.

Outsourced Services

We will take on the entire tax department, tax auditing, and tax filing

  • State, Federal, Motor Fuel Taxes

We will take on the entire AP Department

  • Reduce your resources spent on AP and get a proper clean AP and never have inaccurate AP again

Contract Positions

  • Seasoned CFO, COO, Controllers, and Top Level management to fill immediate and long term needs

Loyalty Marketing

  • Help maximize your loyalty program with knowing who is coming, why they are coming into the store, and how to keep them
  • We use in depth analysis to find new customers and target growth in all categories
  • Partner with leading Social Media Experts to build your brand

Wend Development

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Identify Targets to meet growth needs
  • Business Valuations for getting your company sold
  • Conduct all due diligence tasks
  • Help post transaction to bring new business onto your systems and your process

Site Survey and Development

  • Phased out plan approach to help you find the right site for your next retail location
  • Negotiation of every aspect of the project
  • With you until the ribbon cutting

Get In Touch:

WEnd is always available for quick consulting, business evaluations, and project management for companies that need to get initiatives across the goal line.