Technology solutions are the key to enhancing your competitive advantage.

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Our passion and purpose is the ability to deliver consumable, concise technology solutions and road maps that achieve marketplace differentiation and competitive advantage for you and your company.

Today, as in no other time, technical solutions offer value by increasing the interaction between business and technology. The ability to capture, interpret, and utilize data for strategic decision-making has never been more accessible.

Keeping pace with the speed of technological advances is increasingly difficult. Finding and understanding relevant solutions requires time, collaboration, insight, and partnerships. Tivitri is your partner for technology solutions that are relevant, timely, and appropriate. Our technical centers of excellence are focused on understanding road maps, applications, and solutions for your expected outcomes. We partner with you to achieve an advantage in your market and industry through business and technology alignment.

Our most popular solutions include: Samsara Fleet, Site Visibility, Driver MVR monitoring and training, Exterior cams for fleet, Tire Pressure Monitoring, Truck-friendly navigation, Per diem program for driver retention and tax incentives, etc.

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