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EdgePetrol’s pricing software provides station operators with real-time metrics to help them make better and quicker pricing decisions.

We offer a fully automated web application that requires no manual entry; enabled to secure connections to the transaction data, cost prices and any other relevant data points. Gain full control of your pricing at anytime from anywhere in the world.


Get all of your pricing insight live with EdgePetrol, the smart alternative to manual spreadsheets.

Real-time blended margins

EdgePetrol weights and blends the fuel in the tanks in real-time to give the user a true indication of their cost of product and current margins.

By having access to this accurate insight, you can use your expertise to make better pricing decisions and improve profitability of your portfolio.

Furthermore, we recognize card transactions as they happen and apply the costs to show a real-time ‘net’ margin!

See what matters today

Grouping and ‘smart tags’ give users the ability to filter your sites by live performance and other key criteria to manage your portfolio quickly and efficiently.

Filter sites by any relevant data point and view your accumulated volume and margin by brand, supplier and any other relevant grouping.

Price change compliance

Since transactions are received with the selling price in real-time, you can be sure that your price changes are being actioned.

Price changes are sent directly to Station Managers via the app, with user alerts for slow changes or incorrect prices.

Inventory management

EdgePetrol’s in-house data science team uses machine learning algorithms to forecast your future volumes on site-by-site bases. Not only can you see how long remains until the tank runs dry to avoid grade -outs, but you can drive efficiency through the supply chain by looking ahead to see future tank levels.

Forecast portfolio margins 

Intelligent volume forecasts predict future weighting and blending of the fuel in your tanks to show what your margin will be tomorrow. As you are deciding what price changes to make through the app, the forecasted margin updates to reflect the impact they will have on tomorrow’s margin.¬† This means you can see the real impact of the price changes you are making on your overall portfolio margin!