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Commonwealth Supply Chain Advisors is an objective supply chain consulting firm with no ties to software or equipment providers. Commonwealth key services include supply chain strategy studies, network design studies, inventory optimization, distribution center design, outsourcing strategy, and WMS selection and implementation. Since 2009, Commonwealth has performed over 300 projects for nearly 200 companies around the world.

Company Description:

Commonwealth Supply Chain Advisors is a supply chain consulting firm based in Boston. Our dedicated team of supply chain consultants offer solutions in the areas of Supply Chain Planning, Distribution Optimization, and Warehouse Management Software Services. Simply put, Commonwealth exists to help our customers build stronger businesses through supply chain optimization.

As hundreds of other companies have found, working with Commonwealth will exponentially increase your chances of having a successful and effective supply chain.

Commonwealth has a special focus on clients in the fuel and lubricants distribution industry, as well as convenience store distributors. Some of our success stories in these areas include:

  • Wilcox & Flegel: Commonwealth helped this fuel and lubricants distributor re-design their supply chain network and design a new distribution center after experiencing a period of rapid growth.
  • Texas Enterprises: Commonwealth helped this fuel and lubricant distributor design a more efficient transportation network to improve service levels and reduce costs.
  • W.L. Petrey Wholesale Company: Commonwealth assisted this wholesale convenience store distributor to develop a comprehensive supply chain strategy to support their growth plans.

Company Offering:

Commonwealth offers a variety of services under the supply chain umbrella. We specialize in three key areas – supply chain planning, distribution optimization, and Warehouse Management Software (WMS) services:

Supply Chain Planning

  • Align your supply chain capabilities with your company’s strategies for globalization, organic growth, mergers and acquisitions, or turnaround.
  • Commonwealth’s supply chain consultants can bring you the tools, know-how, and objectivity to:
  1. Optimize your geographic supply chain network (network optimization)
  2. Evaluate outsourcing (3PL) as a strategy
  3. Improve inventory management

Distribution Optimization

  • As your business evolves, your distribution center strategy must also evolve. Commonwealth’s operations consultants will help you modify an existing distribution center(s) or design a new one to accommodate changes such as growth, shifts in channel demand, acquisitions, new service requirements, or cost reduction mandates.
  • Commonwealth specializes in all forms of warehouse automation including conveyor systems, automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), and robotic technology.
  • Commonwealth does NOT sell this technology, but we help companies make sound decisions about designing it and sourcing it to ensure a successful project.

Warehouse Management Software (WMS) Services

  • Gain efficiency and accuracy with Warehouse Management Software (WMS). Commonwealth can objectively help your company make better use of your existing WMS or select and implement a new system.
  • Commonwealth’s WMS Services will help you answer questions like these:
  1. Can existing software be modified or upgraded or is a new system required?
  2. What software providers have the features and functionality to meet both current and future requirements?
  3. Is a Tier 1 provider required or could a Tier 2 or 3 system be adequate?
  4. What is the trade-off between cost and service with each provider?
  5. What are the necessary steps to ensuring a smooth implementation, on-time and on-budget?