Build your business on your data.

Clearwater helps you transform your business with your data. Our dynamic data tools are built with your objectives, your people, and your processes in mind, to help you succeed in a changing world.

Company Description:

Daylen Stoutin founded Clearwater in 2018 after serving as COO at Warrior Energy and VP of Strategic Initiatives at Retif Oil & Fuel.  In those roles he developed a process for using data to drive performance step changes.  

He found that, to be effective, data tools need to be built within the context of the problems and objectives of the team.  Standardized reporting tools are too vague and static to have a serious impact.  But, tools built to purpose are difficult and time consuming to construct.  Clearwater exists to help close that gap.

With a deep understanding of both data and petroleum distribution, we help our clients:  

capitalize on unique opportunities

overcome intractable challenges

measure the metrics that matter

The tools we build inform decisions, enhance performance, and jumpstart change because they are built for you.

Company Offering:

Clearwater’s products are built in a high performance, web-based, business intelligence platform.

They are designed to rapidly and flexibly answer questions that will drive results.  Those questions range widely.  For example:

Who is my most valuable customer?

Why is my Gross Profit in Cook County lower this year than last?

Which products could I stock less of, reducing interest expense and dead stock risk, without harming availability to customers?

Clearwater supplies a set of starting points, but every tool is built to order.

We use a defined approach, designed to focus ourselves and our clients on building solutions that help them achieve their objectives.

The Approach

1. Plan

The first step is a data workshop designed to help your team:

1. identify opportunities – areas where data could serve as the catalyst for change

2. designate which opportunities provide the highest leverage

3. classify a range of approaches to capitalizing on the opportunity

4. define the elements of a successful outcome

Next, our team investigates the available data, and works with you to refine the details of the planned tool.

Sometimes the solution is to modify an existing Clearwater module.  Other times, we identify an entirely novel opportunity and build from the ground up.  Either way, the end result is a series of dashboards unique to the objectives, process and people involved.

2. Build

Next, you sit back and relax while we build your Clearwater dashboards. This is an iterative process:

1. Construct

2. Test

3. Modify as needed

3. Transform

Finally, we turn to helping our clients use their dashboards to accomplish their objectives. In the roll-out phase of a new tool, we:

hold training seminars with users

provide written documentation of the tool

record video tutorials

advise management on process changes

In the months that follow we:

help assess the effectiveness of the tool

conduct additional training as needed

Over the long run as we support the tool and the users, we continue to partner with our clients as they work to draw more and more value from their data.