Applied Data Corporation

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Tampa, FL 33635

Contact: Sarah Montgomery

Applied Data Corp (ADC)

To us, it’s all about keeping things fresh. We are fresh food technology innovators and we use our industry leading software to help our customers tell their fresh story. At Applied Data Corp (ADC), we believe the days of instinctive merchandising are numbered. More than ever, retail merchandisers need data driven methods for forecasting the right amount of product availability all while maintaining product safety and keeping fresh food profitable. We simply seek to give people what they want-easily available, convenient and safe, fresh food.


ADC provides C-Stores with solutions to capture food waste, provide accurate forecasting for fresh food production and manage perpetual and physical inventory. Additionally, ADC’s Recipe Manager, enables C-Stores to calculate all-in food costs, monitor actual margins of products sold and generate nutrition facts from recipes. Ingredient, nutrition facts and allergens are automatically sent to the in-store label printer, ensuring all information in each recipe is also on the label. ADC bundles its solutions for C-Stores into C-Pack and C-Pack+ and when used together have reduced food waste by 15-35%+, increased sales by more than 9% and significantly reduced labeling costs for our C-Store customers.


  • C-Pack Solution includes:
    • Fresh Food Production Manager
    • Food Waste Manager
    • Label Printing
  • C-Pack+ Solution includes:
    • Physical Inventory
    • Perpetual Inventory
    • Recipe Manager