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At ahatis, we are experienced and recognized business leaders with a new vision for how a software & consulting firm should operate.

ahatis’ Sell Thru Analytics (STA) advantage includes: (1) Optimal visibility across entire supply chain network (2) Ability to generate specific actions to solve relevant business opportunities (3) Industry specific knowledge and business mindset (4) Accelerated implementation that works with existing ERPs.

Company Description:

Whether you’re a manufacturer or one of its distributors, optimizing inventory and achieving effective sales and marketing programs is difficult because each organization only has a partial view of the market. With Sell Thru Analytics (STA) and its normalized data processes, both organizations work from a common understanding – allowing closer collaboration and improved decision-making. Designed and built with over 100 years of combined manufacturing and distribution expertise, STA generates clear insights and actions for the teams to pursue that deliver increased sales, improved management of working capital, and higher profitability.

Our Approach:

Sell Thru Analytics (STA) addresses Time, Cost, and Capability across your distributor network. 

Time:  We have designed a structured data normalization process to quickly rationalize data structures from the sources into a common schema in a fraction of the time required by traditional solutions. Our analytics platform cuts straight to the business benefits by analyzing the data and showing you actionable insights.

Cost: Using modern technology, data normalization occurs at scale with no limitations of data sources or data volume. Reusable pipelines allow the platform to quickly onboard new data sources with a fraction of the labor and skill requirements.

Capability: As industry experienced experts, our focus is on delivering capabilities that we wanted when we were in your role. We bring 100+ years of combined knowledge to identify unique and actionable insights for business teams. Proving out value with individual use cases, then automating to generate value at scale.