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Shift. Focus. Evolve. Control your Future with Strategies

Since 1976, we have guided our clients through the challenges of business growth and change. Strategies uses an objective, direct and holistic approach customized for each client. Our team of trusted advisors works exclusively with founders, entrepreneurs, partnerships and family businesses. At Strategies, we serve as your trusted advisor as we partner with you to clarify your vision, realize your goals and control your future.


Strategies, a leader in business planning and advisory services for more than 30 years, is a consulting firm of trusted advisors who help entrepreneurs, partnerships and family businesses develop their visions, realize their goals and control their futures. Strategies’ portfolio of services includes:

  • Diagnostic and Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Advisory Board Development and Management
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Advisor to Founder, Entrepreneur and Executive Management
  • Communication and Conflict Management
  • Succession and Exit Planning

Strategies’ approach is objective, direct, hands-on and customized to your needs as an owner. Whether you are facing the predictable challenges that occur in the various stages of your corporate lifecycle or the unpredictable challenges presented by external forces, Strategies is by your side every step of the way.

Strategies’ role is to counsel and help guide your company through all crucial stages of the business lifecycle. The success of your business can be bolstered by clear direction and planning, purposeful and trusted advisors, a clearer understanding of your organization’s effectiveness, and an understanding of how your business can enable you to reach your business goals and personal/family goals.

Our team’s experience covers multiple disciplines that matter and impact the ownership, management and personal relationships affecting your privately owned business. Our interdisciplinary approach spans five professions-medicine, behavioral science, management science, law and finance. Collectively, Strategies has a solid knowledge of all these disciplines, which we believe is essential to successful business planning and advising. Practically, our consultants have led major organizations and departments, implemented successful management and training programs, chaired boards, implemented projects and set accountability measures, met payrolls and built businesses.


Diagnostic & Assessment

  • Overall assessment of your business
  • Desired outcomes
  • Implications and hurdles for reaching your goals
  • Specific recommendations
  • Prioritized action steps

Strategic Planning

  • Vision that will guide your plans and actions
  • Strategic focus and direction for your plan
  • Plan specifics with clear objectives and initiatives
  • Organizational accountability
  • Achievement of your plan goals

Advisory Board Development & Management

  • Purpose driven board
  • Outside expertise and experience
  • Objective and trusted counsel
  • Communication between stakeholders
  • Self-discipline and accountability

Organizational Effectiveness

  • Clear organizational roles
  • Evolution of your corporate structure
  • Increased effectiveness of your executive team
  • Improved organizational processes
  • Use of meetings as effective business tools

Advisor to Founder, Entrepreneur & Executive Management

  • Confidential sounding board
  • Navigation of your personal, strategic and tactical issues
  • Safe haven for your new ideas
  • Accountability and clarity of direction
  • Your own coach and trusted advisor

Communication & Conflict Management

  • Shift from negative behavior patterns
  • Management of conflict and dispute
  • Positive communications
  • Agreement-making skills
  • Harmony

Succession & Exit Planning

  • Management and ownership succession plans
  • Business continuity
  • Lasting liquidity
  • A legacy
  • Your future on your terms