Educational Articles


The Below the Line Club Suppliers periodically write educational articles relevant to the petroleum distribution and convenience store industries.  Below are some of those articles.

The Right Partner

There are a lot of software solutions out there but the right provider can make all the difference. RowLogic offers an in-depth testimonial to showcase how they operate.

The Need for a Long-Term Strategy in this Pandemic

Our research has uncovered a novel, low-cost surface coating that can be applied to an entire store in a couple hours that will protect all surfaces for up to a year. Once applied, viruses and bacteria that come in contact
are physically destroyed upon contact.

Looking to Meet the Upcoming Outdoor EMV Deadline?

CBE has been installing and supporting Mako Networks solutions for many years, a partnership that was enhanced when Mako became one of the first Verifone-certified firewall/ router systems in the early stages of the Verifone MNSP program in 2018.

Chicken OR The Egg

Do I take a policy with partial coverage now, hoping to get full coverage when things stabilize in the future, OR do I completely forgo a policy and hope my customer pays me?