According to, “grammable” is the word used to describe something that can be posted online, more notably the act of posting a photo on Instagram. ¹ Everyone wants to get that one photo that can distinguish their profile from others. From Baby Boomers to Generation Zers, everyone is connected to their phones. It has changed the way we interact with one another in person and how we portray ourselves through different forms of media.

This goes along with how store owners are working on differentiating themselves from competitors. They want to
have something that draws a customer in, whether that is a statement wall, an interactive feature, or fun little details that catch their attention. Owners are starting to work with designers to help enhance their brand personality. With these ideas being brought to life, owners are giving customers the freedom to post about or with whatever design element they add to their store. This offers up a chance at free “advertisement” since younger generations are trying to show their followers where they have been or what they are doing.

This is where Paragon Solutions can help. We love working on out-of-the-box ideas with our customers and creating a beautiful layout and design. Just give us a call at 817.927.7171, or email, we would love to be a part of your next project!


Arika Fontaine
Marketing Director

Paragon Solutions

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