Recruinting Rock Stars!

by  Jerry Phillips, president of business management consulting firm NineRuns


Recruiting Rock Stars Slides

People are the lifeblood of an organization; however, attracting top-level talent to your organization is difficult with the national unemployment rate near record lows. In our last webinar we focused on ways to attract hourly workers. This time we will focus on the processes firms need to employ to attract quality salaried workers.  
Join us as Jerry Phillips, president of business management consulting firm NineRuns, articulates the processes he recommends for recruiting rock stars in our tight labor market.  According to Jerry:

  • It’s really expensive to miss on a hiring opportunity, and most companies don’t have a set process for hiring
  • In a tight labor market, the people you want to hire are not looking for a job.  You need to find them and convince them to join you
  • Hiring for industry experience first is a failing strategy
  • Defining a recruiting process, including defining competencies and values, is a necessary part of business.