Client’s Story

Southwest Georgia Oil Company (SWGOC), a Study Group member, owns and operates 70+ stores throughout Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. Its most recent project includes upgrading pumps at 40+ company owned and operated sites. With EMV regulations looming as October 2020 quickly approaches, the race to become EMV compliant is here.

Installation at 40+ stores could take several months to complete, a big concern for the client as they wanted to acquire all the pumps (more than 150) at one time to maximize the cost savings from the manufacturer. SWGA Oil was faced with an untenable situation: making a substantial cash outlay for equipment that wouldn’t be placed in service for months. No company wants to pay in full for assets that are sitting in a warehouse, unproductive to the business. Even if the purchase was financed using a traditional model, the payments on financed equipment typically still would be paid in full. Dispensers could be installed immediately, but that would disrupt cash flow and profitability. This kind of situation is no fun for any operator to manage!

Patriot Capital was able to help the client overcome two challenges. By funding the transaction in advance of install to their preferred equipment distributor, SWGA Oil could buy in bulk and maximize its equipment savings. Secondly, Patriot Capital was able to provide a “step up” payment plan that allowed the customer to pay for the equipment as it was installed and generating revenue. This structure allowed the payment stream to match the install schedule, so the client’s payments started off very low and increased quarterly as more new equipment was installed and brought on line.

Client Result

Glennie Bench, President and COO of Southwest Georgia Oil has this to say about using Patriot Capital for the firm’s recent transaction. “Southwest Georgia Oil Company was faced with a tremendous decision regarding EMV; pay cash or pay interest on equipment that we were planning to purchase over the next 6 months. Patriot Capital provided a payment structure that allowed us to purchase all of the necessary equipment in one bulk order, giving us the best pricing without straining our cashflow.

To be able to pay for the new EMV-compliant dispensers as they are being installed at each location allows us to pay for the equipment in a way that matches revenue with investment. Patriot Capital provided Southwest Georgia Oil 100% project financing, on a fixed rate, for a number of our locations at a structure that fit us the best. The timeline of approval to funding was quick and efficient.”

Patriot Capital

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