Don’t Be Out Convenienced

by John Nelson, president of Vroom Delivery

Delivery & eCommerce Slides

 Home Delivery & Digital Search Trends

by Frank Beard of Gas Buddy


Digital Search Trends Slides

Covenience is the core value proposition we offer our customers, yet technology is transforming the type of convenience our customers demand. This webinar will discuss two big trends we need to be aware of to avoid being “out-convenienced” by existing and new competitors. One, how do we better capture people who want our products but aren’t coming to our stores? Two, how do we better capture people who are journeying near our stores?

Join us as John Nelson, president of Vroom, discusses:

  • Delivery and eCommerce trends
  • New eCommerce companies entering the convenience space – who are they and what are they doing
  • Options for c-stores to compete – Third-party delivery or do it yourself
  • Analysis of online customers – who are they and what are they buying

Then, Frank Beard, of GasBuddy, will discuss:

  • How the way consumers search for businesses is radically changing.  We ask: What’s near me? What’s open? What restaurants have what I want on the menu? Where’s the best gas price around here?  And we get answers.
  • According to Google, 46% of all searches are seeking local information. 76% of people who search for a local business on a smartphone visit within a day, and 28% of them make a purchase—all within a few miles of the search.
  • How we can leverage these trends to drive more visits to our stores