Tanks… The Other Business

 When managing your tank equipment at a customer location, is the first step to open a spreadsheet or call someone?

 When servicing the tanks, is the first step to send an email?

 When figuring out if it’s even worth it to have the equipment at the customer’s location, is the first step to open a spreadsheet and search for numbers such as yearly sales, equipment costs, and maintenance hours?

 As we all know, the business of lubricants and fuels also includes the containers to hold those assets. The equipment themselves become assets. While not the main business, it is a substantial investment and helps to facilitate sales to your customers.

 TankWorks removes the countless spreadsheets, phone calls, and guesswork from your tank operations. TankWorks manages your tanks and related equipment; assigns work orders associated with the equipment; and provides executives with an ROI on the entire equipment operations. Is a tank at a customer being under-utilized? Is a maintenance crew visiting the high-volume customer this week? Is this tank worth having at this specific customer?

 TankWorks has the answers.

 TankWorks creates a collaborative environment for your team, customers, and executives. Customers receive the necessary support and maintenance; your team communicates easily with a web app, keeping track of all pertinent information regarding tanks, associated equipment, customers, and work orders; and executives review the ROI of the overall equipment operations.

 TankWorks is a web app developed by RowLogic that is available online through any web browser on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. For more information, contact John Montelepre at jm3@rowlogic.com or 985-626-7382.