What Do You See?


As someone who is still relatively new to this industry, it’s interesting how fast I started to notice the basic design details of stores and what special offerings they may have. That being said, I can’t image how retail designers and those with industry knowledge feel when walking into a new store. I’m sure their wheels start to turn, and they picture how they would have designed the space or what was done successfully versus what the failures were. Things I would never have noticed, they pick up on and evaluate. I notice this especially when walking into a space with my husband, who is a mechanical engineer; his automatic response is to look up at the duct work and see how it was designed and how the designer used the space to its advantage.

What do you notice when you walk into a store?

  • How it’s laid out?
  • Do you notice the décor, or are there certain details that catch your eye?
  • Are there good food offerings?
  • Is the store warm and inviting or dull and unappealing?

These are just some of the things customers look at when walking into a store, and as a store owner, these are the details you should be noticing to see what works for your store and your customers.

As a retail design firm specializing in the convenience world, Paragon considers all of these questions and more when designing a space. By looking at the surrounding area, whether it’s a ground up or a remodel, we take into consideration the customers who will be visiting your store and what would grab their attentions and keep them coming back.

Big Horn Travel Center and Blue Goose Market (as seen in the images above) are just two examples of how Paragon listened to its customers’ wants and needs for their businesses and helped them bring to life an inviting and unique space created for their customers. 

Featured Images: Big Horn Travel Center, Ft. Worth, TX & Blue Goose Market, Lake Oswego, OR

We enjoy working on out of the box ideas with our customers and bringing to life the layout and design you imagined.