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Insure your receivables

Serving nationwide, we are a commercial credit insurance broker that specializes in credit insurance. We work with fuel companies across the country by helping them increase sales to new & existing customers, protect them from losses on their accounts receivables, help them enhance their bank financing, and get bigger credit limits from their suppliers. We help companies speed up their credit processes, reduce or eliminate bad debt reserves, eliminate letters of credit, and export on open terms. We use insurance as a tool to increase gallons and generate healthy return on investment.


We offer accounts receivables insurance policies, also called credit insurance. Credit insurance allows companies to take more risk by selling to risky customers, unknown companies with no credit information, out of town construction companies, project based orders, & general customers. It allows companies the ability to give higher credit limits to their current customers, thus increasing gallons sold and avoid unnecessary personal guarantees. Credit insurance helps to speed up the credit process and reduce the “sales vs. credit” tension. Credit insurance will also enhance bank financing by eliminating concentrations in their borrowing base, allow higher advance rates, & potentially lower borrowing costs.