Petroleum Logistics Software

2955 Campus Dr. UNIT 110,

San Mateo, CA 94403

(415) 652-9704

FleetPanda is a silicon valley based, venture-backed Petroleum logistics software platform. 

Company Description

We started as a fuel distributor serving the consumer market. A couple of years down the line, we started distributing fuel to large fleets such as Amazon trucks, Facebooks buses, etc. The software we built that helped us grow 7x year over year was our secret to success. After years of operating as a fuel distributor, we realized that we could sell this software to other fuel distributors and make them successful.

We offer commitment-free pilots and can get a few trucks up and running in a week for the field The company was founded by Engineering leaders who built cutting-edge software at Amazon, testing. 24*7 support is available via chat, email, and zoom calls, and we also develop Salesforce, Netflix, and other top cloud innovators. It’s backed by leading investors in custom integrations and features to match your business processes.

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