C-Store Foodservice: The Now and The Future

Sarah Montgomery from Applied Data Corporation

ADC Foodserve Trends

Home Delivery & Digital Search Trends

 Ray Hom of ROC Associates

ROC Foodservice Trends

It is not easy to have a profitable foodservice offering. Thin margins, low barriers to entry, rising costs, and increasing competition make for a cutthroat business. Not only do you need to be profitable today, you need to keep an eye on how the ever-changing future of foodservice. This webinar looks at how to effectively and efficiently manage foodservice today as well as the trends in foodservice and how technology is transforming the future.

 Join us as Sarah Montgomery from Applied Data Corporation discusses best practices for C-Store Kitchen Management, including:

  • 3 ways to drive profits (demand forecasting, costing, and more…)
  • 3 ways to reduce waste (date code labeling, donation programs, and more…)

Then, Ray Hom, of ROC Associates, will discuss trends in C-Store Foodservice offerings and the technology to support the trends around:

  • Ordering methods (KSS Kiosks, Online/App, at the pump)
  • Delivery methods (order/pick up in store, delivery)
  • Payment Methods (friction-less, sco)

The educational webinar is intended for owners, ops, foodservice managers, marketing, finance, IT, and those desiring to increase the now and future profitability of a c-store foodservice offering. Jed Brewer will moderate the discussion.  The complimentary webinar is co-sponsored by Study Groups and The Below the Line Club and will last approximately 60 minutes.  We invite you and/or members of your team to participate.