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David Thompson of Powerhouse

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John Montelepre III of RowLogic

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The status quo is not good enough.  Our Below the Line Club members are good at buying and delivering petroleum; you are the survivors in a consolidating market.  The larger national petroleum marketers are pushing the envelope, though, getting more efficient in both their delivery model and procurement practices.  We all need to continue to innovate to keep up and stay relevant in this competitive industry.  This webinar is focused on giving you additional tools as you continually refine and improve your procurement and delivery models.

Join us as David Thompson, Executive Vice President of Powerhouse, discusses the role of technical analysis in petroleum procurement.  A great deal of effort is devoted to collecting and analyzing supply & demand data – sometimes referred to as fundamental research – in the energy sector. Technical analysis differs from fundamental research as it focuses on price action and how that affects market participants’ decision-making.

  • What are these ‘technical factors’ the business channel always talks about? 
  • What are the theories underpinning them?
  • How can these concepts help with your buying & selling decisions?

Then, John Montelepre III, Vice President of RowLogic, will discuss how to improve your petroleum delivery life cycle through automation – “From Order Entry to Cash.” You will learn:

  • How to create a shorter and more efficient life cycle
  • To create information that is more transparent and available
  • A standardized, easier to navigate process

This educational webinar is intended for owners, presidents, transportation managers, ops, finance, IT, procurement and those desiring to increase the efficiency of their procurement and delivery cycles.  Jed Brewer will moderate the discussion.  The complimentary webinar is co-sponsored by Study Groups and The Below the Line Club and will last approximately 60 minutes.  We invite you and/or members of your team to participate.