Connecting Data and Departments


How empowered are your salespeople? Is “I’ll find out and get back to you” a typical response to a customer asking about his order?

Does your sales team need to find answers to customers’ questions by contacting other departments within your organization?

As we all know, communication and efficiency are keys to any successful business. That’s why CheckPoint helps to connect data and departments. You probably are already aware that CheckPoint is a web-based tool that tracks sales pipelines as well as visits to existing and potential customers. But did you know it can integrate with other RowLogic apps to provide current order information  (via DeliveryWorks) and fuel pricing (via PriceWorks) as well as equipment and work orders (via TankWorks) at the fingertips of the salesperson?

Sales people are often the first to receive requests or questions from existing and potential customers. With so much information in CheckPoint, sales people feel empowered and there is less “back and forth” with other departments in your organization. Moreover, customers get the information they need more quickly.

CheckPoint is a web app with a mobile tracking app companion developed by RowLogic and is available via subscription. RowLogic has over 25 years of experience in software for the petroleum distribution industry.

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