Who is ordering online?

The most common demographic of customers on the Vroom platform is women between the ages of 25 and 34. While many younger Gen Z customers cannot yet purchase alcohol products, they are nonetheless already making up 20% of all Vroom orders. We expect this group will continue to grow rapidly as they continue to enter the workforce with greater buying power.



How much are they spending?

The average delivery order on Vroom is nearly $40, including delivery fees and tips. By comparison, the national average for in- store transactions is a mere $6.29:

Furthermore, as customers begin to order more frequently, their basket sizes tend to increase. Customers who have ordered over 100 times average nearly $50 per order:


What are they buying online?

Basket makeup of online orders varies with the type and location of the c-store. Rural stores with large food offerings tend to sell a higher percentage of prepared foods than that of urban locations, while stores in urban locations tend to sell a higher percentage

of alcohol and tobacco products. Here are two examples of stores selling on Vroom – chain A is rural with prepared food offerings, and Chain B is urban with a more traditional c-store product offering:

While Chain B is selling fewer high-margin products, it’s average basket size is around $50, making up much of the difference in higher volume.

When are they buying?

In-store sales tend to decline in the winter when the weather is bad, and on the weekends. However, these are in fact the peak times for delivery orders. For example, when temperatures plummeted in the Midwest in January 2019, stores delivering on Vroom saw a 400% increase in order volume. Friday, Saturday and Sunday typically trend about 2x higher than Monday-Thursday sales.