C-Store Branding – Taking 2020 To The Next Level


It’s a new year, a new decade, a time to start thinking of goals for the future. Do you have plans yet?

Let’s start 2020 by thinking about your brand. A brand is more than a company tagline or logo; it is the heart of your company, or your corporate DNA. What do you want your business to have engraved within it?

Your customers want to feel a human connection to your store, to be able to tell that you put a part of yourself into the choices you make in your business. Your customers will be able to see if you put time and effort into your business. You want them to walk into your store and have an experience whether that be through how your employees interact with you customers, such as:

  • “See you later” at QuikTrip
  • “My Pleasure” at Chick-fil-A

Or with the things your store is known for, like:

  • Buc-ee’s has the cleanest bathrooms
  • 7-11 has the “Slurpee”

We live in a “me” and “now” world. Customers want to be tailored to when walking into a store. Whether with Baby Boomers or Gen Z, you have to find a way to cater to all of them without losing the integrity of your brand. The first step to working toward this goal is to identify your problems and use them as an opportunity to improve in a meaningful way. Second, keep your ears open. Your customers will let you know what they want; you just have to listen. Third, make plans to do better and follow through with them.

What will be your “My Pleasure” or “Slurpee” for your business? Let 2020 be the year you find it.

Let us help you with your designs, layouts, and rebranding ideas. Here at Paragon Solutions we look forward to the chance to help you reach your 2020 goals. Give us a call: 817.927.7171

Want to learn more? Take a listen to the podcast Mike did with the Convenience Matters crew done at the 2019 NACS show!


Arika Lawshe Marketing Director

Paragon Solutions · 817.927.7171 paragon4design.com