Do You Have Any Employees Stealing You Blind? Vigil Trends Can Identify Exactly Who Has Sticky Fingers With Your Cash


The convenience store industry is among the most impacted by inventory shrink; shoplifting and employee theft costs retailers in the United States 2.05% of total sales, an estimated $42 billion in shrink each year total across US retail. Roughly 50% of retail shrink is internal: employees stealing from their company over and over. CBE is here to show how VIGIL Trends will reduce your loss and identify areas that may require additional training for your employees.

VIGIL Trends is Cloud-based Business Intelligence software developed by 3xLOGIC, Inc. It is a proven, highly-effective tool to keep an eye on your business, catch employees stealing from you, and deter future theft. VIGIL Trends incorporates exception-based reporting and video data into an attractive, user-friendly dashboard providing a simple visual snapshot of your business. Within hours of implementing Trends, our end users have uncovered employee theft at their stores, leading to arrest, indictment, and asset recovery.

VIGIL Trends’ sophisticated algorithm identifies individuals in your organization by assigning a weighted score to each type of transaction you have identified as critical to watch. The Trends dashboard prioritizes these individuals with the highest scores. Click on the score and view the video of every incident flagged. Trends gives you the information to take the power away from dishonest employees.

Trends optimizes your visibility while reducing loss with these key features:

  • Weighted KPI reports
  • Optimized Video Experience
  • Operational Audit Capabilities
  • Integration of Marketing, Weather, Analytics

Working as partners, CBE can design and implement a total security system with advanced “intelligent” DVRs, hi-definition cameras and integrated POS Data systems that will significantly reduce your shrink and provide more safety for your customers and employees. As a valued integration partner, we will monitor the health of these systems and be proactive, rather than reactive, to any disruptions.

CBE has been a nationwide technology deployment company and systems integrator for over 40 years, providing the latest technologies in POS systems, video surveillance, alarms audio and network infrastructure for retail chains throughout the United States. At CBE our goal is to develop long term relationships, not short- term deals.

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