The Benefits of Central Kitchens and Commissaries for Fresh Food Retailers


Nothing beats your competition like having a variety of fresh food items that are consistently high quality, in-stock, and in demand. But the challenge becomes; how can you excel in every category at once? You may have a variety of offerings, but the quality is low. Or you have the best pizza in town, but you are often struggling to keep up with demand. This dilemma is not unique to you, and that’s why food retailers often create their own central kitchens or commissaries.

Having your own central kitchen or commissary can help you deliver high quality, fresh food, guaranteed to be consistent among store locations. By cutting down on the number of items being made in store, your store associates can focus on producing the right amount of core items at the right time and serving your guests. Further benefits of implementing a central production facility include:

  1. Enhanced food safety measures to overcome the stigma that convenience store food isn’t safe. 
  2. Inventory control that always ensures in-stock, fresh food items are available.
  3. Freed up space with less kitchen production area requirements.
  4. Less equipment purchases and maintenance of those items.
  5. Easier to staff and manage employees who can specialize in food service.
  6. Reduction in food waste from undesirable food items going unsold.

ADC’s FreshIQ™ Platform provides centralized recipe management solutions, on-demand label printing, and enhanced visibility into in-store food production and ingredient ordering. Contact me for a demo or for more information on how you can boost profits and reduce waste, read our white paper: C-Store Kitchen Management

Sarah Montgomery

Sales Director