Reduce Employee Turnover

Statistically, there is 100% turnover within the hourly workforce across all industries. In some cases it can be as high as 400%. It’s a major and costly challenge employers have to address and control. With all-time low unemployment rates, this only compounds your labor challenges and we have the solution.

Instant Pay is a feature of the Branch mobile app designed for the hourly worker allowing instant access to earned wages at ZERO cost to you, the employer and ZERO cost to the employee. The hourly worker can take an advance on their paycheck. This fee is paid by the employee each time they receive an advance from the app, and then backed out of their checking account when they receive their next direct deposit. Branch funds the employee advance, not the employer.


Your business might well be your employee’s first access to financial services. Offer Branch as a free voluntary benefit to eliminate the cycle of financial hardship, debt, and stigma that often goes unseen in the workplace — yet dramatically affects employee performance.

85% of Employees are anxious about their financial situation. 80% deal with income volatility on a weekly basis.

75% Have less than $500 saved to deal with an emergency.

$20 is the average expense that causes an overdraft for an employee.


In addition to InstaPay, Branch also offers other features to help you and your employees.

  • Promote financial wellness – Financial stress kills productivity. Four out of every five employers report that employees’ financial issues negatively impact job performance. Branch Pay is the first app to improve financial outcomes for your hourly employees
  • Increase coverage rates – Incentivize your employees to pick up open shifts across company locations by providing instant access to earnings.
  • Shift Flexibility – Branch’s Shift Flexibility Engine™ gives employees the ability to pick up open shifts or VTO requests at their convenience.
  • Mobile Schedule distribution – Employees receive their schedule to the tips of their fingers.
  • Enhanced Access – Provide employees with instant access to earnings, paycheck transparency and budgeting tools to improve their financial health.
  • Messaging Channels – Chat with employees and managers in a private or group chat setting
  • Secure Communication – Chat with employees and managers in a private or group chat setting

 Instant Pay is taking the industry by storm and you simply can’t afford to miss out and risk losing your hourly workers to other companies offering this as a benefit or perk. NOW is the time to get on board.

Gary Liguori

Authorized Branch agent


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