Strategic Planning during Covid-19


The last 5 months have been characterized by external forces beyond our control, widespread uncertainty, and heightened levels of urgency. Businesses and individuals have had to pivot on the spot to enact immediate change and chart contingent steps through the  COVID-19  environment in physically safe and financially sound ways. The here and now have demanded continual attention and multiple adaptations, and it will continue to do so for an extended period.

So, what happens to the longer-term vision and goals for your business when immediate realities monopolize attention for a prolonged timeframe?

We understand that it can be difficult to think or talk about the longer term. Yet, even limited pieces of long-term clarity can provide key reference points for the near-term. When you carve out dedicated time and focus to either recommit to or revise your longer-term vision and goals, you enable the identification of guideposts that your organization can then use as the true north for navigating the near- term urgencies and emerging from them.

One way to accomplish this is through a series of micro planning sessions – distinct, focused and relatively short planning sessions in which you lift your head out of the near-term to re-engage briefly and deeply in long-term thought and direction, without requiring extended removal from urgent operational issues. These micro sessions enable you to validate existing guideposts or set new ones – providing current and relevant reference points that can influence how you navigate through these challenging times and position yourself to thrive beyond them.

Just as the current environment has demanded operational adaptations, planning warrants adaptation now as well. Rather than waiting for a good time to immerse yourself in a comprehensive planning process, think about both the short term and long-term value you can derive from purpose-driven micro planning sessions.

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