A Marketing Strategy to Address Fuel Buyers Concerns



The last three months have seen significant rallies in both gasoline and diesel prices. The most common question asked of POWERHOUSE during this time has come from commercial diesel fuel buyers. They want to know how to take advantage of historically favorable prices but still be able to benefit if prices collapse again.

Last year, at this time, Q4 ULSD futures prices were approximately $1.98 per gallon – 68 cpg more than at present. Yet the diesel market has already rallied more than 60 cpg from its low back in April. Fuel managers can still come in dramatically under last year’s budget numbers but they are anxious about buying now because of the possible return of Covid-19 related shut-downs driving prices lower once again.

A call option can offer the best of both possible worlds. Commercial fuel buyers could protect their Q4 diesel fuel budgets against NYMEX prices above $1.30/gal. for a cost of $0.13 cpg. This makes their breakeven costs $1.43/gal. – still far better than last year’s comparables. But instead of being locked in at $1.30/gal, the call option allows fuel managers to benefit should NYMEX prices move lower.

A call option offers a cap against higher prices without the concern of locking in a fixed price. Please reach out to POWERHOUSE to learn more about strategies that can help you protect your margins and grow your business.


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