Looking to Meet the Upcoming Outdoor EMV Deadline?

CBE can help! CBE is a leader in offering Integrated EMV Solutions Featuring Verifone® Commander POS Systems and Mako Networks’ Integrated Firewalls and Managed Switches

CBE has been installing and supporting Mako Networks solutions for many years, a partnership that was enhanced when Mako became one of the first Verifone-certified firewall/ router systems in the early stages of the Verifone MNSP program in 2018. As a certified Verifone MNSP, Mako’s firewalls and switches are guaranteed to work with the Verifone Commander point of sale system and to provide secure managed network access to Verifone customers using the Commander system. Many petroleum retailers are familiar with Mako’s network appliances, as they are deployed in most major petroleum brands in North America today, and are typically used to bundle multiple network management, failover, security and reporting functions into a comprehensive managed-service solution. As part of the Verifone MNSP program, Mako’s system offers a direct replacement to the outgoing Cybera Enhanced Zone Router (EZR), which sunsets in April of 2021.

Both CBE and Mako are known for helping customers create simple, secure PCI-compliant networks and for providing secure third-party access to sensitive customer environments. These solutions are typically deployed across distributed enterprises (multi-site businesses) such as petroleum stations, retail chains, franchises and healthcare institutions.

“Our relationship with CBE has been, and continues to be,  very productive for us and for our mutual customers,” says Jason Kubasak, CEO of Mako Networks. “We constantly strive to evolve our technology and services to best fit our customers’ needs, and part of that is staying connected to our vertically-integrated customers through partners. We’re very glad to have strong working relationships with both Verifone and CBE.”

With an easy-to-use cloud-based Central Management System (CMS), Mako allows administrators to manage the network appliances at thousands of sites through a single web interface without jeopardizing their networks’ PCI-compliant status. The solution also includes a broad set of features that are important to operations at small sites, such as built-in Wi-Fi, centrally-managed Mako Guardian content filtering and reporting, inside-box 4G/ LTE cellular failover and 24×7 monitoring and pro-active alerting/ remediation.

As one of the largest distributors of Verifone equipment in the United States, CBE, Inc., has been working with Mako Networks for many years to provide Verifone-Certified Mako firewall/zone router solutions to Verifone Commander petroleum point-of-sale system (POS) customers in the United States. CBE incorporates  the Mako solution into a feature-rich package, allowing purchase of the Mako EZR replacement along with the Verifone Commander, combining cutting-edge firewall and networking innovation with industry-leading petroleum point-of-sale technology.

Verifone’s Managed Network Service Program (MNSP) offers customers a simplified network solution with multiple choices, letting user stay in control. Customers using Mako appliances can reduce complexities of their networks as well as the number of boxes required on site. With fewer network vendors to deal with, customers can streamline troubleshooting by knowing who to call if there are connectivity or other network issues. When customers need to establish new routes to and from the PSO, such as Loyalty, Gift Card, Back Office, and more, these can all be added easily and securely using Mako’s patented VPN Cloud technology.

With Verifone and Mako, network infrastructure will be safely managed, but customers will still be able to access network functions and reporting and can make necessary changes without compromising PCI compliance.

Three key components to the MNSP program are:

  • Replace the Enhanced Zone Router (EZR) with an edge device from a Verifone-approved Managed Network Service Provider (MNSP).
  • Establish the connection from Verifone to the site through the MNSP’s
  • Establish connectivity to existing and required third-parties. (Mako’s process and easy-to use enterprise and PCI templates ensure seamless connectivity with existing functionality through this transition.)

Verifone is certifying that their MNSPs:

  • Can properly provide secure connectivity into the POS network.
  • Can properly secure the connection to Verifone for help desk connectivity.
  • Can successfully complete installations and have adequate support

“We’re very happy to be working with Mako because we are convinced their solutions are the best in the industry and the services they provide align with how we support our customers,” said Todd Rosen, Senior Vice President at CBE, Inc.

Contact us to discuss with your CBE/Mako representative the details of ordering your Verifone Commander, a new firewall/router or a managed switch for outdoor EMV using the Mako System.

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