The Right Partner


When searching for the right software to help your business, it can be just as important to search for the right partner to provide that software. Collaborating with a trusted team that works with you to overcome any hurdles along the way is sometimes exactly what is needed.

Morgan Distributing Inc is a petroleum marketer with a large lubricant division and has been recognized by ExxonMobil as a top 10 distributor for nearly two decades. Over a year ago, Morgan Distributing Inc subscribed to DeliveryWorks, a dispatch and delivery management tool from RowLogic.

Here are excerpts of the testimonial from Matt McIntosh, Director of Business Operations for Morgan Distributing Inc:

The ultimate reason we decided to dive into a relationship with RowLogic was their flexibility to service our needs. With holes in our back-office software we were left with limited options, but DeliveryWorks went beyond accommodating our missing data; RowLogic actually helped create an environment that our entire business relies on.”

Choosing the right software provider is key to a successful implementation of software and procedures.

“With their streamlined process we were able to effectively go paperless throughout the entire lubricant side of our business in a couple of months. By creating a digital environment, we were able to save significant manpower from manual data entry and transactional processing, saving us close to 2 hours/day. It was an absolute godsend.”

Along with paperless documentation, proof-of-deliveries (PODs) are sent to the office instantaneously which means the customer is billed faster creating a more expeditious payment cycle overall.

“Beyond the scope of organizational savings, DeliveryWorks generates critical operations data to help our team get better every day. We can look at routing and delivery optimization as we cross DeliveryWorks data with transactional data to get a closer look at ‘Cost to Serve’ and ‘Net Profit.’ With such a rural territory, routing is critical to maximizing our truck utilization and these pieces of data are invaluable as we grow our business. Without DeliveryWorks we would have a miserable time trying to generate this reporting.”

Improving a process is only as good as you can measure it, and the right data is vital to making the best decisions.

“At the end of the day, beyond the product, the RowLogic team is full of dynamic and flexible problem-solvers to help a growing business, and that is precisely what our business needed.”

At RowLogic, we pride ourselves on serving our clients with what is best for our clients, which sometimes means creating new solutions, and sometimes connecting your company to other providers. The right provider can make all the difference.

RowLogic has over 25 years of experience in software automation of the petroleum distribution industry.

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