Finish 2020 Strong OR Goodbye 2020


As we near the end of an unprecedented year, many fuel companies are trying to make the best of the remaining quarter. Now is the time to minimize your losses and recover any potential sales that would help your company reach its Q4 goals. As you budget for 2021, are you asking these questions?

  • Is your company looking to broaden your customer base, insure receivables against potential loss, or could your business benefit from a better line of credit?
  • Could you eliminate your bad debt reserve and replace it with a tax-deductible credit insurance policy?
  • Would it help to get better terms from your suppliers?
  • Could you eliminate letters of credit to be more competitive?
  • Can you speed up your credit approval processes and help your credit department with more information on your customers?
  • Are you generating return on investment from your insurance policies?

Trade credit insurance can help with these scenarios and more. It’s time to plan how you want to end 2020.


Credit insurance is a cost-effective sales tool that allows you to insure your receivables so you can safely sell more to your existing customers; go after new customers that may have been a credit risk in the past; and expand into new markets that you originally perceived to be too risky. Credit insurance offers a cost-effective solution for safe and profitable growth:

  • Grow sales safely, domestically and abroad, to new and existing customers
  • Protect your business from risk of non-payments
  • Make better and faster credit decisions
  • Ease tensions between sales and credit
  • Avoid personal guarantees
  • Borrow better from the bank by eliminating concentrations and obtain higher advances with lower rates
  • Eliminate letters of credit and replace them with a tax-deductible insurance provision
  • Obtain leverage to collect from your customers

Contact us to see how credit insurance can help grow your business while protecting you from losses. If you are already using credit insurance, we can help you see how your policy stacks up to the rest of the market. There could be ways we could work with your carrier to reduce your premium or enhance the policy. Better yet, there is no fee to work with us. We work with all credit insurers and allow for the best rates and maximum coverage.

For more information, contact:

Cory Watson