The Final Countdown


EMV check-in: Are you and all your dealers compliant?

If that made your heart skip a beat, rest assured you are not alone. In this article, I will share with you options to navigate EMV in order to learn which best fit your business.

If you have the luxury of paying cash for equipment, why spend it on a depreciating asset, especially in an environment where cash in king? Banks have their own set of issues—bureaucracy, painfully slow processing, and (because a lien is put on the property) impairment of the ability to grow. Both paying cash and borrowing from a bank make it harder to grow. Because EMV will produce buying opportunities (as dealers and jobbers who are not up for  the investment may decide to sell), it makes sense to be as liquid as possible.

That takes us to the benefits of Equipment Financing

  • Only equipment and your signature as collateral—no liens on land or hard assets—preserving capital and your banking relationships for growth investments
  • Easy approvals of up to $250,000 based on a 1-page credit application. Very fast and efficient process for you and your dealers.
  • Rates are competitive with banks. Though generally higher, certain programs qualify for lower You may be surprised at how cost-competitive equipment financing can be.
  • Can finance the entire project including equipment, installation, tax, and freight. Most of the time 100% project financing is provided.
  • No need for appraisals or red tape of a bank. No annual compliance or loan You run your business how you see fit.
  • Fixed monthly payment at generational low rates
  • Depreciation using Section 179 leads to greater cash flow and maximizes the tax benefit of financing your equipment upgrades.

By now, everyone in our industry knows the deadline is coming. But the crux of the issue is getting your dealers to act. Jobbers have several options to obtain the following goals:

  • Reward those that adapt the earliest
  • Get something in return by making sure there is clarity of what jobber is doing to help. It may be the catalyst to renew or extend a supply contract
  • Creates an incentive to upgrade. Industry experts state that the longer a dealer waits to upgrade, the more expensive it will be in terms of equipment and installation costs
  • Eliminates brand risk and financial of potential fraud to both jobbers and dealers
  • Grows customer base and volume by earning the business of security-conscious shoppers. If you lose a customer, you may never get back that If you gain one, your competition may not.

By now, you are likely asking, “How?”

The answer depends on your specific situation and also varies dealer to dealer. Depending on volume and where a dealer is in the supply contract, the jobber has different tools to use. As the industry leader for the past twenty years, Patriot Capital knows how to structure programs to meet the needs of jobbers. We understand their business and have the relationships to facilitate and execute these programs.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. We have a team of professionals nationwide who can lead our customers to answers.

We all understand the burden EMV puts on both jobbers and dealers. But there’s no reason for it to keep you up at night when you have options and resources to help.

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