Holy efficiency, Dispatch-man!

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Dispatching affects multiple aspects of your business, such as the warehouse team that loads the trucks, the drivers that deliver the orders, and of course, your customers that receive your products. As an executive, you are consistently looking for ways to deliver value to your customers in the most cost-effective way. Efficiency saves money. Bottom line.

Sometimes in a large organization with various processes occurring with various teams providing input, there is a tendency to “do it this way because that’s how we’ve always done it.” We get comfortable with our habits and rely on what we did yesterday to get through today. “Tomorrow we will improve the process, but I just need this done today.”

However, that type of company culture has a way of accumulating bottlenecks in many phases of your operations. The good news is that it doesn’t take an overhaul of your company to create lasting change. Small steps that can be taken to propel your team onto a better path. One such small step is implementing DeliveryWorks, a dispatch and delivery management tool that connects order centers, dispatchers,

drivers, managers, and customers. Utilizing a web app as well as a mobile app companion, DeliveryWorks features a drag-and-drop interface to schedule orders, provides instant delivery confirmation with customer signatures, and creates a paperless delivery process. Customers are emailed the delivery notification, and executives can view delivery reports and driver performance metrics to ensure customer satisfaction and delivery efficiency. All of this is accomplished without chasing paperwork, copying documents, or calling drivers.

Small improvements to a daily process can cascade into lasting change. Effective change. Bottom-line change.

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Developed by RowLogic, DeliveryWorks is a web app with a mobile app companion and is available via subscription.

RowLogic has 30 years of experience in automation software for the petroleum distribution industry.

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