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Hi. I’m Greg Seei, the founder and CEO of Robust Promotions.

I want to tell you a short story about how Ruff Life, a small pet food store in Lombard, Illinois recently leveraged a co-op marketing program to increase sales 23% year over year — amidst reduced operating hours in the middle of a global pandemic. All while increasing average customer spend by 24%.

Becky, the owner and operator of Ruff Life, embraced co-op marketing with a lottery-level sweepstakes scratch-off entry card program that drives customer bounce backs/return visits. In addition, Becky distributed cards to businesses in the community in the run up to the promotional period.

You might be asking: “How can Becky be so sure the co-op marketing program was the cause of the success?” At the same time, Ruff Life’s Elmhurst location opted not to participate in the program. What’s more, Lombard’s sales were up 36% over the Thanksgiving holiday despite operating hours being reduced from 65 to 30 hours that week. Elmhurst saw only a $5 change in year over year sales for the same period.

Do you want to achieve results like Becky?

We’re offering you and other members of the Below the Line Club 50% off our co-op sweepstakes and promotion program, allowing you to offer large, lottery-level sweepstakes prizes to your customers as purchase incentives — for fractions of what it costs to do it alone.

Get 500 lottery-level sweepstakes scratch-off entry cards to drive customer bounce backs/return visits — customized with your business’s name and address, access to a large prize pool (with over $50,000 in quarterly prizes), all the necessary legal paperwork, state/province-level sweepstakes registration, bonding, and prize fulfillment (the legal stuff ). And, at the same time, building your own digital customer database. Participation starts at just $250 — a 50% member savings that you can lock-in for life. (Volume discounts starting at just 1,000 cards).


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