Guide to Choosing the Right Software Vendor



Deciding to replace your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can be exciting and frightening at the same time. Our professional team at iRely will guide you through all the steps to make your next software implementation successful.

Replacing or adding software solutions is inevitable as the speed of technological change continues to increase. In today’s marketplace, software systems have developed to offer operationally efficient and user-friendly solutions for fuel management systems, petroleum distribution software and petroleum ERP systems, fuel delivery software, convenience store software, and more. Additionally, market changes and economic instability have disrupted the normal course of business, and many vendors have gone through mergers and acquisitions resulting in software changes and sunsetted programs.

Once that feeling of “we need a change” sets in, the next steps can be complicated and confusing. Reviewing software options and going through the full implementation process can feel like open- heart surgery: you know it’s critical but the process is long, complicated, and not very comfortable. Thankfully, just like surgery, this process can be made easier and lead to more successful conclusions by following well- established and tested procedures with a team of professionals by your side.

Download this free white paper. It provides a step-by-step process for selecting your ideal software partner including:

  • Strong preparation
  • Identifying and evaluating options
  • Finalizing your decision
  • Implementation necessities
  • The need for ongoing support

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