Home Delivery Is Driving New and Diverse Customers

to C-Stores, With Little Cannibalization



New data shows that over 80% of customers would not have otherwise shopped in-person had home delivery not been available

A recent poll of customers on Vroom Delivery, an e-commerce platform specific to the convenience store industry, indicated that 80.6% of delivery customers would not have otherwise visited the same store in-person to make a purchase had home delivery not been available. Of those customers that would not have visited the store, 27% indicated that they would have ordered online from a competitor, 13% would have driven to a competitor’s store, 53% would simply have not purchased anything at all, and 6% would have still visited the same brand but at a different physical store. Of the 19.4% of customers that would have otherwise driven to the same store to pick up the order, the average delivery transaction size of these customers was still nearly $45, far larger than the average in-store transaction of less than $9.

Customers in the poll were also asked their primary reasons for ordering delivery. Fifty-one percent indicated that delivery was simply more convenient than driving to the store. Other significant reasons included safety concerns due to the pandemic (39%), lack of transportation or inability to drive at the time the order was placed (29%), and health and mobility issues (14%). Bad weather, young children, and inability to leave during the workday were also frequently mentioned by customers.

Positive Customer Interaction with Delivery Personnel is the Leading Driver of 5-Star Reviews

Over a quarter of all 5-star reviews on Vroom Delivery specifically mention the consumer’s interaction with the driver as their primary reason for a positive experience.

Unlike most third-party e-commerce companies, Vroom Delivery is a platform in which stores primarily utilize their own staff for deliveries. In addition to allowing for broader offerings and home delivery of age-restricted items in most states, this also gives stores the ability to tightly control their customers’ experience and interaction with delivery personnel. This means branded shirts, hats, bags, and most importantly, a smiling and positive demeanor.

When consumers have an issue with their order on delivery platforms, 62% blame both the business and the delivery service. For stores utilizing third parties for fulfillment, this can be a significant risk to their brands as they are unable to correct poor customer service.

Vroom’s data also shows a surprising side benefit of branded delivery as it relates to advertising effectiveness on social media. Ads that show employee drivers in their company uniforms tend to outperform ads that do not show delivery personnel or that utilize stock footage by over 2 times. It also increases engagement of ads by over 3 times, as people often recognize the individual in the ad and are more likely to comment or share on social media.

About Vroom Delivery

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Chicago, IL, Vroom Delivery is a full-stack e-commerce solution for convenience stores, providing every technical aspect required for chains of convenience stores to operate and manage their own e-commerce and delivery services. Vroom can set up an entire network of stores for e-commerce and delivery within a matter of days. Visit their website at: www.vroomdelivery.com/prospective.


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