A Technology-Driven Strategy

To Reduce Maintenance Spend



As a fuel retailer, uptime and regulatory compliance are critical to your business’ success.

But what are you spending to achieve uptime and compliance?

Many retailers are shocked when they realize how much money is lost to inefficiency in field service and maintenance activities, specifically due to:

  • Unnecessary service dispatches
  • Excessive billable service hours on site
  • Repeat visits due to incomplete troubleshooting
  • Incomplete or disorganized maintenance records

To avoid these costly pitfalls, best-in-class fuel retailers always:

  • Establish secure, reliable remote equipment connectivity
    • Customer experience is everything in retail – you must know about equipment failures as soon as they happen.
  • Conduct consistent, precise remote analysis of equipment issues
    • Very different causes (with different troubleshooting needs) can trigger the same alarms on equipment. To address an issue properly, you need to know what caused it right away!
  • Execute best-in-class remote troubleshooting
    • 43% of tank monitor alarms that could be resolved remotely result in a service dispatch anyway – human error and inconsistent workflows cause this wasteful spend.
  • Provide clear, precise service instructions when field service is required
    • Service technicians spend 40% less time on site with clear service instructions.
    • 62% of the average service call cost is labor – and any unnecessary service time on site comes directly out of your pocket.
  • Log full maintenance records in cloud storage
    • Equipment maintenance history is a valuable tool for trend analysis and is often required by regulators.

Many retailers are effectively implementing these best practices by embracing smart technology as part of their operational DNA.

If implementing technology in your field service operations sounds great but feels daunting to you, that’s okay. The opportunity to apply intelligent technologies to your business is significant, but that doesn’t mean you have to realize it all at once.

Thinking big but starting small is a great way to approach modernizing your field service operations so you can start to claw back those wasted dollars.

If you want to “think big but start small,” here are some tips to consider:

  • Make technology decisions carefully
    • To master operational complexity, choose technologies and technology providers that will simplify, streamline, and offer cohesiveness – not complicate matters.
  • Get ready to feel uncomfortable
    • Replacing manpower with technology can feel uncomfortable, for you and for your employees. Keep the vision and fight the urge to manually override technology because you and your staff are not used to it.
  • Always celebrate the wins
    • When you see a win, celebrate the technology and – more importantly – celebrate the people that implemented it. Recognize small victories regularly, then watch your team’s excitement level grow as they start to realize the immense potential of technology in your business.

If you have immediate questions about how smart technology can streamline and simplify your field service and maintenance activities, please contact Jon Kelly from Canary Compliance (jkelly@cancomply.io, 703-674-6385).

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