Achieving World-Class Results

Earn More Money With Less Hassle



How much time are you and your leaders spending on things that never should have happened? Surveys of thousands of leaders we have conducted shows that for many leaders, the answer is one-third or more of their time. Would you like to reduce that percentage by getting to the root cause? Most of these are operations-related issues. Get your operations right in the first-place so you do not have to deal with timewasting problems. In addition, getting your operations right every time has been proven to improve customer delight, repeat business, positive recommendations, and customer loyalty. In essence get more money with less hassle from your current operations.

Our “Achieving World-Class Results” class teaches a proven path to getting your operations to deliver your products, services, and environment 100% to your brand standard, 100% of the time. Our virtual-based, live instructor format classes not only have no travel time or costs, but the five, 4-hr sessions delivered once per week allows you to fit it into your schedule and start your implementation as part of the class. We have also made it easy to fit your schedule with public classes offered almost every month and private classes you can schedule at a time you select.

We have taught the AWCR class to thousands of leaders over the last 21 years. Participants describe the combination of lecture, exercises, immediate on-the-job application and networking as “eye-opening,” “extraordinary,” and “life- changing,” “one of the best operations excellence courses in the country!”

This is a 5 part virtual, web-based class with a live instructor

In the Achieving World-Class Results class, you will learn how to:

  • Deliver your products, services, and environment 100% to your brand standards, 100% of the time based a proven path
  • Train to 100%
  • Reduce turnover through proven best practices in hiring, onboarding, training, and coaching
  • Communicate and reinforce expectations so they are 100% understood and committed to
  • Design jobs to fully use employee time and talent
  • Design for legendary customer service
  • Design processes to deliver the brand standard every time
  • Create operations that are both easy to manage and operate at best-in-class levels

Who should attend:

  • Company owners /franchisees
  • Directors of Operations and HR
  • All leaders connected with operations including General Managers and assistant managers
  • Department heads


For more information,

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