Simplify Fuel Delivery With Mobile Billing



Are you sure every customer has been invoiced correctly and that every gallon has been accounted for? Do you empower your drivers to spend less time on duplicative tasks, and more time delivering fuel? iRely’s mobile features allow you to do this, while taking your fuel deliveries to the next level.

iRely’s application-based mobile capabilities can run on mobile phones and tablets, saving valuable resources and time for your company. Mobile features send orders directly to drivers, with least-cost routing optimizing fuel expenses. Enable drivers to bill customers electronically, integrating e-invoices directly into the software for processing and payment. The inventory and transaction tracking enabled by our mobile capabilities allows for seamless reconciliations, accounting for every gallon sold and helping you avoid costly errors.

  • Order Integration – providing delivery data instantly to the drive on mobile device.
  • Streamlined On-site Payment Collection and Reconciliation – strengthening cash flow and saving significant back-office processing time.
  • DOT Reporting – enabling accurate inspection report mandated by DOT.
  • In-Truck Inventory Monitoring – making is easy to reconcile end-of-day inventory to ensure you’ve accounted for all your gallons sold.
  • Shift Management – enableing the drive to start and end their sfift anywhere, tracking all of their shift related activities.
  • Transaction Tracking – monitoring every transaction and method of payment to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Invoice Creation, Processing, and Payment – reducing time spent, errors and manual re-entry through printed invoices

iRely is a leading global supplier of innovative software solutions that help petroleum distribution and convenience store clients simplify their core business processes. Based on a single, modern and configurable platform, iRely has attracted and retained a large and referenceable customer base over its 30-year history, and developed a reputation for their laser focus on customer success.


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