Credit Department

Metrics & Using Hedging

to Improve Sales

What metrics and strategies do you need to know in order to improve credit operations? And how can you use hedging tools to open the door to new sales opportunities? 

Join us as Ann Pitts, Founder of The Pitts Group, and David Thompson, Executive Vice President of Powerhouse, share their specialization and unique insights into how decision makers can flip the script, change the dynamic, and improve their company.

This webinar will include:

How Credit Department Metrics Identify Operational Problems

  • Get to the root problems of issues creating customer late pay
  • Identify problematic internal systems causing efficiency breakdowns
  • Vastly improve customer experience with effective systems
  • Reduce staff time and effort performing research and error correction

What You Don’t Know About Hedging Might Be Costing You… Sales!

  • Hedging can protect the value of inventory but it can also drive sales
  • Use what energy markets are giving you and use it to your advantage 
  • Change the sales dynamic and be on the same side as your customers
  • Learn how to set yourself apart from the competition

The webinar is designed for owners, general managers, directors, Ops, Marketing, IT, and anyone that likes thinking outside the box to improve their company.  Jed Brewer will moderate the call.  The complimentary webinar is co-sponsored by Study Groups and The Below the Line Club and will last approximately one hour.  We invite you and/or members of your team to participate.