Raise Your Hand If You Want $130,000

How your mom & pop retailers are thriving without a major brand



Hi, friends – We are PIX Card Processing and we’re new here. We offer payment processing for modern fuel retailers, and we also like to make good first impressions. So we asked Ben Scellick for tips. He advised, “Don’t make promises you can’t keep. BTL Club members have no patience for newsletter headlines that over-promise and under-deliver. Also, make sure to submit your newsletters to the BTL Club and not the BLT Club. The Bacon Lettuce Tomato Fan Club really is disinterested in improvement tips for fuel retailers and wholesalers.”

With his excellent advice in mind, we decided to go with the whole footlong, toasted, with chips & drink for our first BTL newsletter article.

Let’s dive into the FREE $130,000.

Over the summer, one of our favorite customers in Alabama told us he was considering moving to one of the “majors.” Though we would be sad to see him go, we always support business owners making decisions that will benefit them in the long run. But that got us thinking, even if one of the majors offered him a nice deal, would the cash-on-cash benefit be better than remaining unbranded? Well, we did the math, and we think you should have a look.


1. Card Processing Let’s start with our area of expertise, card processing fees. We charge all our retailers the same rate (it’s our worst-kept secret). This makes it easy to spot trends in our company, in our customer base, and the industry. Our rate for all retailers is Interchange + $0.06 + $19.99/mo. Nothing else. No tricks. No gimmicks.

In September, our retailer processed $295,963.56 on 11,416 transactions. Our total fees were $4,924.05. Quick math shows his effective rate at 1.66%

If he were branded, the fees would have been $6,029.84 at an effective rate of 2.05%

While 2.05% isn’t a bad rate for any store, the difference is $1,105.79 per month!

That’s $13,260 per year and over $130,000 in savings on a 10- year branded contract!

2. Fuel Purchase Price Savings. While fuel sales aren’t our direct line of business, we process millions of dollars in wholesale fuel, commercial fuel, and home heating fuel for some of the largest jobbers in the nation. After polling several, we think it’s safe to say that in Alabama an unbranded retailer will pay, on average, $0.01 – $0.02 less per gallon than if branded. If he sells 95,000 gallons per month over a 10-year contract… well you get the point. (Rather than speculate on the total potential savings of fuel, we encourage you, the BTL members, to shed some light on the topic. We’d love to hear from you! Are we spot-on or missing something in fuel savings?)

CONCLUSION: While we can’t help you with average fuel price, we can put some money back in your pocket.

  • For those of you who operate your stores, we will provide direct savings.
  • For those of you who are true wholesalers, we offer profit sharing.

Interested in finding out more on how we’re different from the major brands AND different from the other unbranded processors? Visit us here: pixcardprocessing.com/btl | email: kc@trypix.io

P.S. We take our customers’ satisfaction so seriously that we don’t leave much room to take ourselves seriously. We like to have fun with our customers, not at their expense. Come have fun with us!


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