Vroom Delivery Launches New Third Party Fulfillment Brokerage Service for Convenience Stores

With the addition of Skipcart, c-stores will now be able automatically send delivery orders to the most

cost- and time-effective third-party provider


(Chicago, IL) With the addition of national last-mile delivery service Skipcart to its platform, Vroom Delivery is now enabling convenience stores to automatically route orders between multiple third party delivery services on an order-by-order basis based on cost, speed, and serviceability.

Vroom is already partnered with Doordash Drive and robot delivery service Tortoise. With the addition of Skipcart, Vroom’s fulfillment management tools can now direct orders to multiple providers automatically so that when an order is received, the delivery brokerage service recommends the best third-party service based on the delivery location and driver network availability. Stores can also opt to deliver some orders with their own drivers and utilize Vroom’s proprietary driver app. This will bring down both average fulfillment cost and delivery times of orders relative to traditional third-party marketplaces. Vroom continues to add additional third parties to its network to expand the efficiency of its offering.

Deliveries are fully white labeled so that the whole process remains self-contained within retailers’ proprietary apps and websites. Stores will retain access to their customer data, automate their pricebook maintenance through Vroom’s backoffice integrations, and have direct communication with their customers.

Furthermore, by partnering with Vroom to manage the ordering and payment processes, cost of third-party fulfillment to stores will be dramatically reduced, as stores are able to set delivery fees charged to customers to offset some or all the third-party deliveries costs.

John Nelson, CEO of Vroom Delivery, noted, “The high cost of delivery and the lack of control of customer data on third-party marketplaces are the two biggest complaints we hear from stores. With the addition of Skipcart and our automated brokerage service, we aim to solve both of these issues through our platform.”

About Vroom Delivery

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Chicago, IL, Vroom Delivery is a full-stack e-commerce solution for convenience stores, providing every technical aspect required for chains of convenience stores to operate and manage their own e-commerce and delivery services. Vroom can set up an entire network of stores for e-commerce and delivery within a matter of days. For chains of stores seeking more information, visit www.vroomdelivery.com/ prospective.


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