Introduction to Card Processing and SNAP Benefits

As convience store operators, processing cards and accepting payments is a significant part of our business. But how much do we really understand about this vital aspect of day to day operations? And could we be doing more to win business or retain profits? As always, the more you know, the better decisions you can make.

Join us as KC Cook, Founder and President at PIX, and Joseph Barna, EVP of Government Payments at goEBT, share their expert knowledge to help us understand the industry and improve our businesses.

This webinar will include:

Card Processing 101

  • What happens when someone pays at my store with a card?
  • Understanding Processing fees and their impact
  • What’s different about Branded & Unbranded Card Processing?

SNAP Benefits 101

  • SNAP at a Glance
  • SNAP Stocking Requirements
  • How communities benefit from SNAP
  • Benefits of SNAP for retailers

The webinar is designed for owners, general managers, directors, Ops, Marketing, IT, and anyone that wants to understand the role of taking payments.  Jed Brewer will moderate the call.  The complimentary webinar is co-sponsored by Study Groups and The Below the Line Club and will last approximately one hour.  We invite you and/or members of your team to participate.