Keep Calm And Swim On!



You’re in a meeting. A decision on a path forward needs to be made. You’d feel more comfortable with just a little more data at your fingertips. The silent contemplation is eventually met with “Let me research those numbers and get back to you.”

It’s not the end of the world, but it’s certainly the end of that meeting. Imagine if the silence were met with: “I have the numbers here, and it gives us the necessary insight to move forward.”

We all have an ocean of reports. Data analysis. Numbers. Sometimes it might feel like you are drowning in more questions than you can take time to answer. Do the reports and data answer your questions? Do you have to assemble lots of data from different software systems and business processes to get a sense of what’s really going on? Can you quickly dive deeper into a number and instantly find out more? Is it a trend or an outlier?

Are you only cherry-picking numbers to confirm what your gut tells you?

Do you wonder sometimes how many spreadsheets it takes to organize a productive meeting and a confident decision?

Make no mistake: data isn’t a panacea. Sometimes it can point you in the wrong direction. It can give you false assurances. There’s a lot of buzz about being a “data-driven” company these days. But data is just data. The key is in asking the right questions, questions specific to your goals, your company, your team, AND the ability to quickly move through the data naturally—swimming through it, if you will. All in one session. Drilling down to the actual transactions if necessary. No more compiling spreadsheets and “let me get back to you” meetings.

That’s what analytics can do for you, your company, and your team. It makes your data swimmable. It answers your questions. Targeted. Quick. One spot.

This next shift in the industry has already begun. Just as clipboards and paper made way for software and apps; compiling reports and data into Excel spreadsheets and “let me get back to you” meetings are making way to analytics and intel.

RowLogic can help you make a real splash and swim through it all. For more information on how you can leverage your analytics, contact us at or visit us at It’s time to dive in!


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