Flexibility For The Future


In many instances in life, the idea that things are good enough as is becomes ingrained in us. We do the research, put in the work, find success, and keep repeating the same things to achieve the same results. It’s okay, but at what point does it become a state of diminishing returns? In the world of retail, we must pay close attention to this. Items that were selling one, two or three years ago simply aren’t producing the same margins they once were. Marketing campaigns grow stale, and the worst part is it’s all because consumer behavior changes. Flexibility is the key, particularly as it relates to C-Stores. How flexible is the operation? How flexible is your store design? How flexible is your brand?

Flexibility is now more essential than C-Stores were during the pandemic – it’s paramount. Today, challenges come in all shapes and sizes based on the demands of your customer. With EV on the horizon and the continued pressure for C-Stores to go more food centric, what areas are you able to pivot if needed? More importantly, what aspects worry you the most?

  • Is it your food program?
  • Does your kitchen and back of the house allow for additional offerings if needed?
  • Do you have a drive-thru?
  • If not, does your footprint allow you to add one?

Before you go down this rabbit hole, let’s discuss one critical detail first. What is your brand, and does it allow for flexibility? What is your brand promise? How do you differentiate yourself from the competition? If you don’t have a brand, it’s time to pivot and get one.

Being flexible is not easy; it requires being open to change and having a willingness to listen. Engage a partner who specializes in retail design and branding, who will listen to your goals and work with you to identify ways to be flexible for the future. At Paragon, we want you to have a store you’re proud of that’s designed with the future in mind while providing a first-class customer experience.


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