Order-to-Cash Automation


As a Fuel Distributor if you don’t automate your Order-to-Cash process and solely depend on pen & paper or spreadsheets, then you likely have leaks in your process. If your pipeline is leaking, then your time-to-cash is getting bogged down. Invoices aren’t getting sent in a timely manner, slowing down the time it takes to get invoices paid. You’re also likely not the first in line to get paid.

Imagine your order pipeline, on one end, the order goes in, on the other, cash comes out. In the simplest sense, your customers place orders, you promptly fulfill those orders, reconcile and you get cash. But the problem is, You may have a leaky order pipeline and not know it.

A leaky order pipeline is faced with delays, errors, issues and all sorts of problems from the moment an order is created to the time the order is fulfilled and invoiced. If you depend on pen & paper, and spreadsheets, and have people scrambling, and making decisions based on incorrect or obsolete info, this inevitably will result in a breakdown or leaks in each step of your order-to-cash pipeline.

By leveraging a tightly sealed pipeline, orders flow with greater efficiency while relevant information flows to the team in real-time.

Lack of Order-to-Cash manifests in your day-to-day operations

  • The difficulty of same-day invoicing
  • Garbage-in Garbage-out i.e. Flawed Paperwork gives incorrect information
  • Fighting the same fires over and over again
  • Your team burns out
  • Slow down to be able to speed up

But here’s the silver lining in this cloud. If you look at your business and see that you have all these problems, and you’re still surviving, even growing, despite all these leaks, you have a huge opportunity ahead. As you start plugging in the leaks, you can gain more leverage for your business. With a proper system or software in place, you plug the hole so that your system never breaks, ultimately providing a unique customer experience and improving your cash inflow. We at FleetPanda want to be your differentiator and help you automate your Order-to-Cash pipeline.

So here’s our offer to you, a no-risk trial for a few trucks.

FleetPanda has been implemented in a multitude of varying business models such as truck & trailer, tankwagon, fleet fueling, warehousing, and transport — all connected under one platform. To know more about FleetPanda and how we can help you improve your order-to-cash process book at 20 mins demo: https://www.fleetpanda.com/contact-us



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