How’s my driving?


It’s the infamous question slapped on the back of delivery vehicles, and one that both managers and drivers try to answer to gauge delivery performance and operational efficiency. How do we truly know the answer?

A bumper sticker with a 1-800 number might get you a collection of voicemails from angry motorists, but there is a better way: a collection of datapoints to create a Driver Scorecard that aligns your drivers and managers with the company’s expectations and goals.

When drivers have clear communication on how their performance is assessed, their productivity becomes motivated by the desired outcomes of management. A Driver Scorecard keeps leadership and drivers synchronized by providing consistent feedback, and keeping business goals front and center with driver performance.

Executives and Managers have one spot to check multiple sources of KPIs and a clear stratification of all drivers. A manager can quickly identify outliers, top performers, and areas for growth. Also, annual performance reports and EOY bonus calculations just got a whole lot easier.

Drivers are engaged in the performance analysis process. They have transparency and clarity as to how their performance is measured.

The clear communication creates trust and reliability between drivers and the company. Drivers become aware of the areas for improvement to become better at their job, to help the company improve, and to enhance their own career.

The Driver Scorecard can engage everyone in the delivery process.

It helps to clear up confusion and assumptions, creating more of a team atmosphere. At its core, the Driver Scorecard aligns the analysis of your driver workforce with the goals and vision of company leadership.

How’s my driving? Well, it’s improving everyday with the Driver Scorecard.

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Johnny Bertucci