The ABCs of EBT | Simplifying SNAP Stocking Requirements


There are more than 42 million Americans who purchase SNAP- qualifying food items using EBT. Many convenience stores already stock most of what is required to become a SNAP retailer and may not even know it. If you are not already a SNAP merchant, you are missing out on this opportunity, and getting started could be easier than you realize.

The Basics of SNAP Requirements

According to the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS), SNAP authorized stores must meet one of two staple food requirements: Criterion A (staple food inventory) or Criterion B (staple food sales). Given most convenience stores, small grocers and other retailers are authorized under Criterion A, we will focus on these requirements.

Under Criterion A, a store must have 3 stocking units of 3 different varieties for each of the 4 staple food categories on a continuous basis.

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