Minimize Credit Risk and Manage Price Volatility

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As business owners, managers, and key executives, we’re no strangers to risk management. In fact, this is a huge part of balancing business. Minimizing fuel credit risk and managing price volatility, while maintaining customer loyalty, is no small feat. Good thing there are business tools, resources, and education that allow us to do just that…

Join us as Cory Watson, President at Leykell Insurance, and David Thompson, Executive Vice President of Powerhouse, share solutions to reduce multiple business risks without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

This webinar includes:

Leykell: Dispelling Myths about Trade Credit 

  • Credit insurance 101
  • Credit insurance replacement – micro-bonding?
  • Leykell / Marsh McLennan expanded offerings
  • Cost structure next steps

Powerhouse: The Customer’s Real Problem and How You Can Solve It 

  • A ‘good’ price is a relative term
  • FOMO – and how to conquer it
  • Listen to the market and take what it’s giving you
  • Volatile markets are a great opportunity to build loyal customers

This complimentary webinar, co-sponsored by Study Groups and Below The Line Club, is designed for Owners, CFO’s, Sales Managers, Supply Managers and Credit Managers.