Powerhouse Class November 17-18: Learn How to Hedge

In today’s market environment, hedging is an important tool for managing your fuel price risk. POWERHOUSE’s Practical Fuel Hedging is uniquely situated to deliver working knowledge and tools that can be put to use immediately. Come and learn how hedging can improve your company’s profit from an instructor who is in the market every day working with companies just like yours.

What You Will Learn

Learn how to use futures and options to protect your business against unpredictable price changes. Sign up today for our hands-on, practical fuel hedging training. This training course will cover:

  • Identifying how price volatility can impact your business’ risks and opportunities
  • The vocabulary of – The differences between a futures contract and an option
  • A thorough explanation of basis
  • The steps to set up a hedging program in your company
  • Which specific hedging tools will help you manage your risk
  • How to use the energy market’s seasonal patterns to your competitive advantage
  • Plus, gain new business relationships you can leverage for years to come

Date & Location: November 17 – 18, 2022

Maison Dupuy Hotel, 1001 Toulouse St., New Orleans, LA


Visit: https://powerhousesp.com/pfh/

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Email registrar@powerhousetl.com Or call (202) 333 – 5380


David Thompson, CMT Executive Vice President


(202) 333-5380

ICE IM: dthompson17