Cleaning products that just work better–for you, your employees and your customers

At Apter Industries, we manufacture cleaning products for convenience stores and travel plazas to produce maximum results with minimum labor.

Big Changes in Store Cleaning

Most food serving establishments were already trending toward more stringent cleaning frequencies and procedures. The pandemic put everything into high gear. With the onset of Covid, retailers developed a more elaborate cleaning approach to protect not only their customers, but also their fellow employees. In addition to increased use of disinfectant cleaners, retailers hired consultants to determine how much additional time and associated costs would be needed to triple cleaning frequencies. They neglected to consider “The Apter Factor”.

Better Products Dramatically Reduce the Time Needed

Apter Industries has always focused on making life easier for store personnel. Convenience store and small foot print retailer workers have incredibly tough jobs. They need products that clean fast and effectively. Most major cleaning product manufacturers focus on dispensing as a means to save employee’s time. Unfortunately, these dispensers often produce a product mix that doesn’t perform under tough conditions. This increases the time needed for store personnel to complete their cleaning tasks. Apter Industries approaches store cleaning differently. We break each location into cleaning zones.

We then determine which products and dispensing are needed to perfectly execute cleaning for that zone. Through extensive field work with store personnel, we have developed products that “Just Work Better” and are laser-focused to produce results fast.

An Example of Zone Cleaning: Forecourt First Gas Island Cleaning System

The Garage Gorilla Products we manufacture keep gas islands clean and have for over 20 years. They were developed and upgraded through extensive testing at diesel and gas islands under a variety of conditions. Our Gorilla XDX Concrete/Asphalt Cleaner works without scrubbing. You spray it on and let it dry. For immediate results you can rinse it or wipe off the oil. Gorilla XDX contains oil eating microbes that make oil stains disappear. Our Garage Gorilla Pump Cleaner obliterates diesel stains without hurting decals or delicate pump surfaces. Store personnel apply Gorilla Pump Shine to fuel dispensers every couple of weeks to improve appearance and make the pumps easier to clean. Gorilla Odor Killer rounds out the program. It has microbes that kill odor at the source and keep outdoor trash receptacles smelling fresh and free of bees and flies. The Forecourt First Gas Island Cleaning System is simple and guarantees great looking gas islands.

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